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Dredging HDPE PIPE (including pressure pipes)

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Suction & Discharge Dredging Hose

Designed to meet almost all water hose applications, especially designed for use in construction, mining, industrial and agriculture service. It is flexible and withstands high vacuum. cement and fly ash, concrete etc.

Size Chart


The hull of pipe floater is made from medium density polyethylene material with excellent flexibility, filled with high strength polyurethane foam inside. With reasonable structure and good performance, the MDPE floater becomes the ideal substitution of the traditional steel floater for the dredging pipes.

Main Technical Parameter

1. Good flexibility, excellent impact resistance, anti-wave, particularly suitable in the open sea.
2. Linght weight , easy for installation and movement, with much lower transportation cost.
3. Higher corrosive resistance, anti-UV, anti-aging, longer working life, three times longer than steel floater.
4. High buoyancy and low absorption rate.
5. Lower cost, the cost and performances are much better than steel pontoons.
6. Special grooves greatily increase the service life of the floaters.
7. It can be used from -60℃ to 80℃

New Design
1.Traditional PE floaters are added positioning grooves in the surface to improve their ability to fight the wind and wave.
2. PE floaters are also added stainless steel pipes in screw holes to reduce the friction between floaters and screws.
The improvement greatly improve the service life of PE floaters.

It is mainly used in laying the pipes on the water for dredger, dredging pipeline projects etc. in the sea, lake or river.

The Sizes of Pipe Floater

Other sizes of floater can be made upon request