Manufacturing of Dredging Equipment Dredging Construction
Manufacturing of Dredging Equipment

Dredging-related Equipment

It is a self-propelled dredger which has a track under the body so it can dredge regardless of water depth.
It is an integral type not requiring assembling or breaking so it can be transported on a trailer and used for dredging construction at reservoirs, waterways, shores, etc.

This is a next-generation lighter version of Amphibious Dredger exclusive for the worksite like narrower waterway
It can dredge in narrow spaces by minimizing an Amphibious Dredger.

The Spud & Jacking System, which is Rack & Pinion type, makes work stable by fixing the body of vessel such as a backhoe dredger, a barge, etc, to the ground underwater.

Baekkun Booster Station is a supplementary machine that increases the discharge distance of dredgers. With 1 unit of Booster station, additional 2km of discharge distance is available.

Process of manufacturing an Amphibious Dredger (Multi-Purpose Amphibious Dredger)

City Canal Dredger

Spud System