Company Organizational Chart Certification and Patent Location
Certification and Patent

Technology Possession Status

▶ Certifications and Awards

Business License

Construction machine manufacturer
/assembler certificate

Inno-Biz confirmation

Venture enterprise confirmation

Company affiliated research institute certificate

Export promising SME designation certificate

ISO9001(Certified by KR)

ISO14001(Certified by KR)

ISO3834(Certified by KR)

2017 Prime Minister's Award

2017 Prime Minister's Award

Won the bronze prize in the Hyundai Construction & Engineering Technology Contest

“New Excellent Technology” Certificate

“Excellent Technology Evaluation Company” – T4 Certificate

Minister of MSS Award – Innovative Technology

Governor’s Award from Jeonnam Province - Province Development

▶ Patent

Patent No. 10-0937733

Patent No. 10-0922414

Patent No. 10-0939175

Patent No. 10-1013508

Patent No. 10-1853391

Certificate of Design Registration

Patent No. 10-2041508

Patent No. 10-2170275

Patent No. 10-2168989

Patent No. 10-2068673

Patent No. 10-2119844

Patent No. 10-2129597